What can we say - interesting, scenic, excellent food and wine and fun.  Arriving at the Pousada (ex Monastery now Hotel) we already knew that the "vow of silence" was not going to be kept as the chatter on the first evening was resounding - a very welcome and reassuring sound to Chris and myself. Our first day was full of variety - a local Market, fabulous tiles, a Cathedral, Port Cellar and a river trip.  The days that followed were a mix of Churches, a funicular (up to the top of the Bon Jesus - marble steps and statues), a winery - eating and drinking on a vine covered terrace - a walk by the Douro River and a much anticipated and enjoyed visit to Santiago de Compostela.  To round it off we even had a trip to the seaside! Helping hand from our Hunky Driver! Thus ended a very enjoyable and successful holiday with perfect weather, lots of food, wine and laughter.  Thank you all for being such a jolly and friendly group. (We hope to see as many of you as possible at the Reunion on 26th July for ...... guess what, more wine and cheese and to see as many photos and sketches as possible).

Penny and Chris