The 2014Constitution is in line with the model produced by the National Trust for local associations, plus one or two paragraphs specific to our Association, carried over from our earlier constitution.   They therefore represent little material change.

These notes summarise the changes from that previous constitution.

Para B.  Change from Thames and Solent Region to London and South East Region to reflect change in National Trust Regional structure.
Para D, Item4.  This statement retained from our earlier constitution, although not in the NT model.
Para D, Item 6. Reference to the use of tapes has been removed in the NT model and hence ours, as they are seen to “date” the constitution and are little used.

Para E  Membership.  The NT document gives the option to Associations to open their membership to non NT Members, (particularly to help those Associations struggling for membership) or to retain the current membership criterion.  Your committee decided that it was not in the interests of our Association or that of the NT to alter the requirement that our members should be members of the NT.  Therefore Para.E1 remains unchanged.
Para E, Item 8.
This statement on members joining is an update of that in our earlier constitution to reflect the fact that members may now join in January or July.  This is not in the NT model.

Para G, Item 4. On tenure of office this is the NT model statement, although MNTA usually apply a 3 year tenure.
Para J, Item 2. The NT model states that sub-committee chairs should be members of the main committee.  Our constitution states that at least one member of the sub-committee should be on the main committee as this reflects the way we operate.

Para G, Item2.  The NT model lays down a revised definition for a quorum for General meetings, to help the smaller organisations.  We have adopted it as it makes little difference to us.
Para P. Notices. This is the NT Model wording to enable the use of electronic mail as a means of communication for General meetings or other notices.

Para S. Indemnity.The NT Model replaces the previous fixed limit of indemnity (£10m), with reference to the latest guidance note, so that the clause can remain valid over time.


Richard Pearson –
Secretary MNTA

2nd January 2014.