At one of our previous meetings with a popular speaker, we had 156 people attend - we managed to fit everyone in, but it was rather a squeeze. The Fire Regulations limit the capacity to 175, after which we are illegal and the Hall’s insurance is invalid. But a more realistic and comfortable limit is round about 150.


To put this into context - we have between 90 and 130 people to each meeting and on only two occasions in 25 years have we had a problem. Twice we have had to turn the last few late-comers away, which was very unpopular. We have tried in the past to find a larger hall in Marlow, but there is not one available on the regular basis that we need, and Liston Hall is ideal in every other respect - parking, hire cost, facilities etc.


So, what should we do? We have limited the number of members, which leads to a waiting list, to help with this problem, but it is a blunt instrument and doesn’t always work. With regret, therefore, we may have to turn people away if demand exceeds capacity. Don’t be put off coming by this though , it may not happen again for years, or ever. Remember that the doors open for our monthly meetings at 7-30 pm.


Geoff Edwards