OUTING to “All Our Waterloos” - Thursday 21st January

We embarked on our French/London experience by meeting our Guide and
starting with coffee at the Museum of London. Our coach then took us
through London visiting the areas where the French Hughgenots settled
as religious exiles, where the aristocracy facing the guillotine
settled and onto the area where the Free French of World War 11 were
centred in a quiet square embellished with a statue of General de
Gaulle. We heard fascinating facts on cultural differences; why for
instance it is de rigour in France to have your elbows on the table
whereas it is a real faux pas in polite society here. We progressed
to the South Kensington where, to avoid 75% super tax, the French
form probably the largest minority nationality in London. The area
is termed the Paris 21st Arrondissement with its own school funded by
the French Government.

We left the coach at the Victoria and Albert Museum which has lots of
good eateries around it but many of us chose the restaurant in the
museum before exploring the newly restored European Galleries. There
are spectacular examples of textiles, paintings, sculpture, ceramics,
glass and furniture. Many items were made for Louis XIV, Marie
Antoinette and Napoleon. We enjoyed this sumptuous display before
boarding our coach again for our return home with the same number of
passengers that we set off with! Always an achievement.
Thank you John for un jour ravissant - Sue