The signs for the day were not auspicious! A week of storms was forecast
and I had a painful shoulder injury two days previously with hospital
instructions to rest. My grateful thanks go to all members who
helped to make the day a success. Fortunately the rain held off and,
although the roses were a little storm battered and the gentle river
Test quite torrential, we were able to explore in reasonable weather.
The main problem was that we arrived so early, thanks to Dave's
excellent driving, that Lynn, our planned meet and greet guide, did
not appear and in her place we had a different guide trying to sell
guided walks. However the guided maps we were given at reception
were excellent and I think most of us found the main sites quite
Fortunately,our journey to the Silk Mill was swift and our planned guides were
punctual and enthusiastic. It was a day of contrasts ranging from an
insight into our industrial heritage to an opportunity to
explore one to our famous NT properties and its gardens at the height

of the summer rose season. I hope that you all enjoyed it.

Janet Cary