'A wonderful day out. Opulent, beautiful Pavilion. Weather fantastic!
Thank you.' So wrote Susan and Adrian Spearman, new members on their
first MNTA outing. Another new member: 'I found my very first outing
excellent. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel at ease and I
can see that I will very much enjoy being a member of MNTA. We had a
couple of hours free to wander so I headed for The Lanes, then
enjoyed lunch sitting on the beach and even escaped from the seagulls
diving down and taking my food! Of course, I had to have the
obligatory icecream. I thoroughly enjoyed the Royal Pavilion,
particularly the colourful and quite stunning music room.'
Angela Petrou

'An ambition fulfilled and on the grandest of scales! The Pavilion was
magnificent, with much of the décor quite staggering in its concept,
design and execution. Full marks to MNTA for laying on such
beautiful weather which really made the day even more wonderful.'
Rosemary Dunn.

'A morning stroll along the prom and the pier. The Pavilion – breathtaking
interiors of splendid opulence with shades of Eastern splendour, both
Indian and Chinese. Amazing ceilings and chandeliers, pillars
resembling palm-trees. Mahogany staircase painted to resemble
bamboo. Upstairs – plain, almost austere.' Anon

'Having visited Brighton frequently in the past, we were intrigued to
discover the new construction being built on the seafront. It is
Brighton's answer to the Eiffel Tower - the new British Airways i360
observation tower, and will soar nearly 600ft into the air, with
extensive views over sea and country. It is being built by London
Eye Architects, Marks Barfield, and the estimated cost is already
£46.2 million ….we are promised a chance of “walking on air”
instead of “walking on water”. It replaces the historic 1866
West Pier, which decayed over the sea and was declared beyond repair
in 2004 following a fire. The i360 will be the world's slenderest
tall tower and have the world's first vertical cable car – a glass
viewing pod for 200 people. I am sure that this would be great on a
fine, sunny day which blessed us but I am not so sure about visiting
on a grey day with gales blowing in from the sea. However, it must
be in the name of progress as it is estimated to bring in a profit of

one million pounds a year.'

Janet Cary