Outing to Petworth House

It was a bright Spring morning as we travelled through some lovely Surrey villages en route to Petworth arriving at the Church Lodge entrance. There was no set itinerary to this leisurely visit and some decided to explore the town before going in to Petworth House and Park. It was to this house that Turner and his contemporary artists came to study and be inspired by the hundreds of paintings and sculptures. The 2nd Earl of Egremont turned an external cloister into a gallery in the 1760’s and this was further extended by the 3rd Earl; who had inherited the title at the tender age of 12 and continued to live at Petworth for the next 75 years! Another family member, the 6th Duke of Somerset had commissioned the Grinling Gibbon’s limewood carvings that adorned the saloon.

Some of us were found diligently seeking the cat, moth, lobster and seashells amongst all the fine carvings and others during the day strolled out into the Parkland to view the house from the lake. Our thanks go to Natasha for a very smooth journey and her negotiation of some very tight corners in Petworth town!