Visit to Stourhead 26th October 2016

It was an early start for the 45 strong party that went to Stourhead.
Everybody was on time at the three stops and we were on our way with
Ray our driver. The A404 was surprisingly quiet, perhaps due to half
term and having passed Stonehenge on the way we arrived at Stourhead
half an hour before we were expected at 10.30am.

We had 5 hours to spend enjoying Stourhead. We walked around the lake
admiring the beautiful autumn colours and finding paths we hadn’t
found before. There were also the gardens to visit as well as the
house. Within the grounds there is a church where we found a link to
Marlow. On the wall was a brass plaque in memory of Francis John
Wethered, son of Lt. Colonel Francis Owen Wethered of Marlow, who
lost his life at sea through enemy action on 7th December 1942.

Much confusion on the journey back was felt by the organiser after Ray,
who clicked everyone on the coach, stated that there were 46 people
who had got on. We counted the empty seats and it did seem that we
should have 46. We asked anyone who wasn’t with MNTA to leave the
coach but nobody went. A later roll call proved that we did only
have 45 people, which left our coach driver confused over the number
of seats there really were on the coach. One member helpfully
suggested that the seat in the loo had been counted in the coach’s
capacity. We arrived back in Marlow by 6 o’clock having been

blessed by having a dry day to enjoy our trip.

John & Chris Elam