On a lovely autumn morning our trip to Stow was scenic and happily
uneventful.  On arrival there was a mad dash for coffee
followed by a wander round the shops, and some also visited the
church to see the intriguing door at the rear where two yew tree
trunks were growing framing the door, where it is said Tolkin first
got his idea for The Hobbit.

After lunch we were driven the short distance to Stanway House where
Lorraine and John (our guides) met us and gave us all a most
entertaining tour of this quirky Jacobean house, now lived in by the
Earl of Wemyss and his family.  Warm and tidy it is not, but
quite fascinating!

After a cup of tea and large slice of homemade cake, we all went outside to
see the fountain start and soar 300 feet into the air.   Fantastic.
 What a sight and what a trip.

Thank you, Penny.